The Congressional Review Act (CRA) lets Congress and the White House strike down regulatory protections issued in the final months of the last administration using expedited procedures. President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress used the CRA to repeal 14 health, safety, pocketbook and environmental protections as payback to their corporate donors. We won’t be able to get these safeguards back any time soon. As a result, corporate predators, polluters and profiteers that would have been reined in by these rules are now free to abuse, exploit and discriminate against regular Americans, knowing they won’t be held accountable.

Please sign the petition below calling on Congress to pass legislation that would repeal the CRA. Scroll down for the list of the 14 repealed protections.



Rules at Risk is a project of the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards. We are a national coalition of hundreds of public interest groups and private citizens who have joined together in opposition to the Congressional Review Act and in support of public protections. Our members include consumer, labor, scientific, research, good government, faith, financial reform, legal, women’s, community, public health, environmental, democracy and public interest groups — who collectively represent tens of millions of Americans. Follow us on Twitter @regsrock.