The Congressional Review Act (CRA) lets Congress strike down regulatory protections issued in the final months of the last administration using expedited procedures. Hundreds of health, safety, pocketbook and environmental protections are in danger of being wiped out as payback to the GOP’s corporate donors, and we won’t be able to get these safeguards back any time soon. If repealed, corporate predators, polluters, pickpockets and profiteers will be free to abuse, exploit and discriminate against regular Americans, knowing they won’t be held accountable.

At any time, the White House could sign the CRA resolutions repealing these protections, which already have been axed in both chambers of Congress:

View the complete list of CRA resolutions. View the complete list of major rules at risk of repeal. Rule pages are updated daily with the latest news and resources.

Rules at Risk Next Week Rules Repealed in One Chamber Only Total Rules Repealed
House of Representatives
TBD 4 14
Senate TBD 1 11
White House 7 N/A 3


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