These links address the Congressional Review Act in general or address several rules and resolutions simultaneously. Resources addressing specific rules and resolutions are indexed at the bottom of each rule page.

CRA by the Numbers: The Congressional Review Act Assault on Our Safeguards
Center for Progressive Reform: April 25, 2017

CRA Facebook Quiz
Coalition for Sensible Safeguards: April 20, 2017

Understanding the Anti-Regulation Agenda
Economic Policy Institute: April 11, 2017

Deadline Passes for Introducing CRA Resolutions Targeting Obama-Era Regulatory Protections
Public Citizen: March 31, 2017

How Republicans Are Using the CRA to Attack Environmental Protections
Natural Resources Defense Council: March 30, 2017

It’s the Only Legislation of Consequence Trump Has Signed. Do You Know What It Is?
Public Citizen: March 21, 2017

Senate Should Hold Hearings Before Voting on CRA Resolutions
26 Senate Democratic Leaders: March 9, 2017

Track the Latest Congressional Review Act Votes to Repeal Popular Public Protections
Rules at Risk: March 8, 2017

For Polluters, Congress Will Overturn an Environmental Rule for $2.3 Million
Center for American Progress: February 14, 2017

The Congressional Review Act: A Blunt Instrument
Natural Resources Defense Council: January 31, 2017

125 Groups Opposing Use of the Congressional Review Act to Repeal Public Protections
Coalition for Sensible Safeguards Letter: January 30, 2017

Deregulation For Sale: Corporate Interests That Oppose Public Protections Spent More Than $1 Billion Influencing Congress With Lobbyists and Campaign Contribution
Public Citizen Report: January 30, 2017

The Congressional Review Act: Questions and Answers (Updated)
Coalition for Sensible Safeguards Fact Sheet: January 6, 2017

House Republicans Poised to Gut Our System of Public Protections
Press Release: January 4, 2017

Major Rules Subject to CRA Under Carryover
Congressional Research Service Memorandum: January 3, 2017

The Congressional Review Act: Unleashing Big Business to Prey on American Workers, Consumers and Families
Public Citizen Fact Sheet: December 6, 2016

Regulations Issued Since May 2016
Government Accountability Office Database: November 17, 2016

The Congressional Review Act: Questions and Answers
Coalition for Sensible Safeguards Fact Sheet: April 28, 2016

CSS Opposes the Congressional Review Act (CRA), S. Res. 30
Coalitions for Sensible Safeguards Letter to Congress: February 14, 2014

The Congressional Review Act: A Primer
Center for Progressive Reform Fact Sheet: January 12, 2011

The Midnight Rules Relief Act (which expands the CRA)
Coalition for Sensible Safeguards Issue Page